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Level A-1 Princess Camps  (Ages 5-7)
Course Description and Pricing
Princess Camp Jasmine 5.jpg
11:30 AM-12:30 PM   
*Students should attend Tuesday's Level A-1classes, at CDC's regular hourly tuition rates,  during weeks 1, 2 & 5 of summer. (7/5-7/16 & 8/1-8/6).
Camp Fees​​

(4 hrs/wk)​

  • $65 for full week

  • $16.25/hr pro-rates available for days within the camps

Registration Fees:

New Students​

  • $35--WAIVED if enrolled by 5/23!​

Registration Fees:

Returning Students​

  • $25--WAIVED if enrolled by 5/23!​

Each day of  Princess Camp will center around a different well-known fairytale princess and story.  Class style offerings will include Ballet, Tap and Jazz.  Students will learn fundamental dance technique within these 3 styles, while interacting with each day's themed music, characters, games and crafts.  


Pro-rates are also available for portions of these camps, when/if students are not able to attend all 4 days within the week.  These pro-rates are only available at the time of enrollment.  They are not available if a dancer misses a class after having enrolled for the class. 


Dancers attending Princess Camps are encouraged to attend the A-1 Level classes on Tuesday afternoons during weeks 1, 2 & 5 of summer.

Dancers may attend Princess Camp classes in their usual dance attire, or dressed as their favorite princess or fairytale character.  Please make sure attire allows for dance movement and includes tights or leggings and Ballet and tap shoes.  Students may attend the jazz classes within the camp in either Ballet or jazz shoes.  Hair should be kept up and out of face via a ponytail or bun. 


These camps have been a big hit with our pre-dance 3-5 year olds each summer!  We're excited to be able to add a level and age appropriate session for our A-1 5-7 year old dancers this year!  

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