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Junior Mini Dance Intensive 
Week 1 of  2
7/24 to 7/26 
1:00 PM-4:00 PM
 Beg/Int Level A-2,  Ages 7-10 
Week 2 of  2
7/31 to 8/5 
1:00 PM-4:00 PM
 Beg/Int Level A-2,  Ages 7-10 
Intensive Fees
  • $105 for 1 week
  • $195 bundled rate for 2 wks
  • a la carte rate of  $13.50/hr
  • $5/hr for additional Friday A-2 Ballet, Sat Morning Ballet & Sat Morning Jazz available to students enrolled in a full week or weeks of the intensive
Registration Fees​​
  • New Students:  $35

  • Existing Students:  $25

Registration Fee waived if you  enroll by 5/12! 


Course Description

This Mini Dance Intensive is a fabulous way to prepare the serious and enthusiastic young dancer for future years of summer intensive study.  Each week's intensive will include 9 total hours of training and may be combined with Friday Ballet A2 classes and Saturday morning Beginning Ballet and Jazz classes for an additional $5/hr if the student so chooses.  

This intensive is designed for the 7-10 year old student with previous experience/training and a high ability to focus and self-motivate.  Mini Intensive class offerings will include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Dance History, and more!  This will be a great way for the young dancer to begin to explore more styles of dance.  

Students may attend 1 or 2 weeks of this afternoon intensives.  An "a la carte" rate of $13.50/hr is available to students who can attend some, but not all, hours of each intensive.  These pro-rates are only available at the time of enrollment.  They are not available if a dancer misses a class after having enrolled for the class.    

Dancers should adhere to the dress code outlined in our "Studio Policies" booklet when attending classes.  Each dancer should have appropriate shoes for each class, (Ballet, jazz and tap shoes will be needed).  Hair should be kept up and out of face via a ponytail or bun.


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